Why did I decide to study Software Engineering?

This is war — I am a soldier! Pardon this war metaphor and the similar ones to come but up to this point my path has involved navigating a series of battles, shortcomings, unexpected errors, but mostly inner struggles both small and large, just to get to this point, a humbled aspirational software engineer — maybe that is the point? I recently enlisted, plucked down >10K, and have now joined my cohort! I am enrolled in Flatiron’s full-time online software engineering program!! The truth is it has taken months of inconsistent effort to get to this starting point. I was naive to think that I was special and that learning to code would be a temporary mild mental discomfort. It really has been an uphill barefoot slog. I have not been on this road long.

Yet, I understand that to create a new chapter in life one has to embrace the unknown. Thus, I cannot turn back. So with a direction in mind but no clear end in sight I am just going to keep grinding, carefully, hopefully, steadily, moving forward. Thus far, I am grateful to have met (totally online) a community of Flatiron staff that have been brilliant, patient, kind, motivating, gently prodding and firm…just what I was not aware of at the time that I needed. Specifically, I am not unique, you just have to trust that the “onboarding manager” having met numerous people like me, knows what learning track is the best fit. Thank you, JM (she/her)! My thinking has evolved. Initially I wanted to be a software engineer because of the most prosaic reasons — a more comfortable life…dah. I thought it would take a little time and effort and viola Google or Amazon notice my brilliance and come calling like the “three kings” but with bonuses, stock, and a generous salary. Relatively, I was/am naive to the sincere effort it will take me to just get through coding bootcamp. So, I have had my hubris checked and I am humbled — maybe that is the point? In sum, I agree with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs — I have the desire to become the most that one can be and, in conclusion that is why I choose to become a software engineer!